Class Sessions
Choose a Session
We would love to welcome you to Arbor CrossFit for a workout! 
Limit: 1 Class
Programs: CrossFit, Events, Kids CrossFit, Pre-Teens CrossFit, Sweat, Teens CrossFit, Weightlifting
Location: Arbor CrossFit
10 Class Pass
CrossFit Classes and Weightlifting
Limit: 10 Sessions
Programs: CrossFit, Kids CrossFit, Pre-Teens CrossFit, Teens CrossFit, Weightlifting
LocationsArbor CrossFit
7 Day Class Pass (expires in 7 days)
A great option for our friends visiting Boise for a 7 consecutive days. This pass includes 7 CrossFit / Weightlifting classes.

Limit: 7 Sessions
Programs: CrossFit, Teens CrossFit, Weightlifting
LocationsArbor CrossFit
Jump Start (foundations)
Our Jump Start consists of One Private Session and One CrossFit Class!

Jump Start is designed for anyone, no matter your fitness level or goals.
The objective is to provide you with the confidence and understanding necessary to attend our CrossFit class. 
You will learn the different formats we implement in our daily "WOD" workout. Provide you with a fitness evaluation and how to adjust workouts to your current abilities with an emphasis on how to progress.

Once you have purchased our Jump Start program, we will contact you to reserve a time that works best for you. The program is valid for two weeks, allowing you to complete both sessions with ease.

We are excited to share with you our passion for Arbor CrossFit and fitness.
Jumpstart is a great way to understand CrossFit, gain trust, challenge yourself and take the first step towards improving your fitness.
Limit: 1 Sessions
Programs: CrossFit
LocationsArbor CrossFit